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Islamic Art Presentations at the Dallas Museum of Art

The Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS), is pleased to invite you to the Islamic Art Presentations at the Dallas Museum of Art. IARS is a program of Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation (TMWF), and is presenting this event in partnership with the Dallas Museum of Art and IARS Community Partner The Crow Collection of Asian Art.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The Islamic Art Presentations held at the Dallas Museum of Art have great potential to educate a large audience about the diversity of Islamic cultures and Islamic Art not only as it is presented today, but also borrowing from its rich artistic and cultural heritage. This conference highlights how living Muslim and non Muslim artists continue to use their creativity to address the communal, national, and individual experiences as they relate to the Islamic art & culture, and build bridges across different faith and communities. IARS hopes to impart knowledge and understanding not only about the Islamic cultures from around the world but also to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims living in the United States. IARS will introduce four international artists and educators including Kurt Hofstetter, Contemporary Artist, Innovator and Scientist from Vienna, Austria; Barbara Doser, Independent Film Maker from Vienna, Austria; Azra Aksamija, Contemporary Artist, Architect and Associate Professor at MIT; and Bahman Panahi, Master Calligrapher, Artist, Educator and Musician from Paris, France. These experts will be presenting lectures, short film and workshops to educated and inform the audience in attendance.

All programs are open the public.

Tickets: $10 General Admission, $5 Student/Educator

Tickets available for purchase here.


Horchow Auditorium
10:45AM – Opening remarks
11:00 AM – Lecture by Kurt Hofstetter: Influence of Islamic Geometric Design on contemporary geometry
12:00 PM – Short film by Barbara Doser: Islamic calligraphy in experimental sounding and moving images
12:30PM – Lunch
1:15PM – Lecture by Dr. Azra Aksamija:  Design for a Nomadic World

Creative Commons, C3
2:00PM – Workshop with Dr. Azra Aksamija
3:00PM – Lecture and calligraphy workshop with Bahman Panahi


Tickets: $10 General Admission, $5 Student/Educator

Tickets available for purchase here.

Please note, there are separate tickets for the workshops:
For Dr. Aksamija’s workshop click here**
For Bahman Panahi’s workshop click here

*General ticket price includes catalogue
**General ticket price also includes Azra Aksamija’s workshop. Separate tickets for Dr. Aksamija’s workshop are for those not attending the rest of the Islamic Art Presentations.

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Islamic Art Revival Series
The Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS) is a program of the Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, designed to increase awareness and build bridges of cultural understanding through the arts. Started in 2011 by a cross-cultural coalition of businesses and nonprofit leaders, students and small business owners, the IARS includes a diverse group of women and men, who are passionate about sharing the rich cultural relevance of Islamic Art and to enhancing cross-cultural understanding.

Dallas Museum of Art
The Dallas Museum of Art is a space of wonder and discovery where art comes alive. It was established in 1909 and has since placed art and diverse communities at the center around which all activities radiate. The Museum pursues excellence in collecting an programming, presents works of art across cultures and time, and is a driving force in contemporary art. They have Strengthened their position as a prominent, innovative institution, expanding the meaning and possibilities of learning and creativity.

Crow Collection of Asian Art
The Crow Collection of Asian Art features a variety of galleries and spaces with changing exhibitions featuring the arts and cultures of Asia, including China, Japan, India, Korea, Tibet, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines, from the ancient to the contemporary. Twenty years in operation, this lovingly curated free museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection in the heart of the Dallas Arts District. Dedicated to providing art and service to the Dallas-Fort Worth community with an emphasis on shared learning and fun.

Media Contacts:
Charlise Hill-Larson, Email: charliseh@tmwf.org
Selwa Moharram, Email: selwa@islamicartrevival.com