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Curiosity and inspiration drives the creativity of an artist but devotion to craft is what separates the professional artist from the dilettante. If you are an artist of any recognition you already know education in art is a constant progression of ideas and skills.

IARS does not stop at the fun stuff. Teaching art workshops, practicing and discussing related art history and art in their lives play an important role to learn new techniques or perfect old ones.  Throughout the year IARS offers many workshops and art demonstrations. Some of them include Sacred Geometry, Carpet Weaving, Block Printing, Henna art and Calligraphy, where various art techniques are taught, demonstrated, discussed and improved.

IMG_0303Sacred Geometry opens participants eyes to patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos.




WeavingCarpet Weaving

A technique of weaving rugs originates almost certainly in Asia. Historical documents confirming this fact exists from the period of Sassanid Dynastythat ruled Persia from the third to the seventh century.

IARS brings workshops to the community with the aim to bring awareness and exposure to the wide range and rich diversity  of Islamic Art thereby encouraging mutual respect and peaceful personal and interpersonal relationships and a life enhancing experience.