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2013 Islamic Art Revival Series Experience

Experience 2013

The 2nd annual Islamic Art Revival Series Experience was a full-day art experience for Texans of all ages and backgrounds on Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 10am – 5pm. IARS targeted students and teachers through outreach to area school districts as well as young professionals through professional networking organizations. Many attendees at the IARS Experience rotated in and out of the Eisemann Center throughout the day.

Pursuant to its goals of community outreach, cultural harmony and diversity, IARS Experience continued its engagement of Texans from all walks of life. IARS brought in youth and young professionals from local schools, colleges, universities and local businesses through the IARS website. IARS also utilized interfaith channels and outreach to bring interest from various churches, synagogues, temples and other congregations. Through the rich medium of Islamic art, IARS worked to overcome stereotypes, engaging North Americans with an aesthetically beautiful and humanitarian dialogue.

The 2013 IARS event had a wide range of activities and performances, including:

  • Writing their names in Arabic
  • Applying intricate henna designs to your hand
  • Trying on ethnic clothing for a take-home photograph
  • Traditional dabke dance performances, plus other new performers and storytellers.
  • Singers, songwriters and producers Fez Meghani and Aftab Ali presented their music
  • A fashion show
Click here for a list of performers.

Images from the 2nd Annual Islamic Art Revival Series Experience

This event was held in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic ArtClick here for a list of participating artists.