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2015 Workshops


2015 Workshops

2015 Sacred Geometry Workshop Summary 

From the dawn of human civilization we see across cultures a fascination with exploring the recurring patterns found in nature, and those, which emerge from the interplay of human creativity and the mathematical imagination. Such patterns are found in visual representation from the carved wooden shields of primal peoples such as the Iban, to the etched clay pots of the Harrapan civilization of India, to bronzes of China’s Zhou dynasty, the sand paintings of the native Americans, Celtic woven tracery designs, the rose windows of the Gothic Cathedrals and the complex surface patterning found throughout Islamic art and architecture. They also find their reflection in both the microscopic patterns uncovered by the electron microscope and the patterns of celestial movement within the solar system. The field of study, which seeks to understand the common underlying foundation of this multiplicity of patterns, has come to be known as Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry Renaissance is a partnership initiative between The Memnosyne Institute and the Islamic Art Revival Series aimed at introducing the public (in both Dallas and Houston) to concepts and explore expression of nature’s recurring patterns and those that emerge from the interplay of human creativity and the mathematical imagination and to offer the opportunity to experience first-hand the process of working with Sacred Geometry.

The initial phase of the project in September 2015, accomplished this goal through lectures, roundtable discussions, and interactive workshops.  We believe that Sacred Geometry provides a way in which to draw together new insights into the structure of reality with ancient wisdom and art so as to inspire new forms of artistic collaboration, offer new ways to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and renew the relationship between the humanities, the sciences, and mathematics.

Sacred Geometry workshop

                 Image Courtesy of The Memnosyne Institute


  • Sept 5 – Sacred Geometry opening prayer and inaugural event at ThanksGiving Square and University of Texas-Dallas (UTD).
  • Sept. 6th to Sept. 11th – 8 workshops on Sacred Geometry at different venues in DFW were conducted by internationally renowned artists – Richard Henry, Adam Williamson and Lateefa Spiker.
  • Sept. 8th and Sept. 10th  – A satisfactory round table discussion was conducted at UTD & Southern Methodist University with Innovators and thought leaders from a range of disciplines. They came together to discuss the established and emerging relevance of Sacred Geometry within their areas of endeavor. Consideration for cross-disciplinary exploration, learning and collaboration was the highlight of the discussion. Represented communities include: Art, Science, Design, STEM, STEAM, Humanities, Architecture, Religion/Spirituality, and Music.
  • Sept. 12th – 2 workshops on Sacred Geometry were presented at The Eisemann Center during the IARS Experience.

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