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About Us

The Islamic Art Revival Series (IARS) is one of Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation’s signature programs designed to increase awareness and build bridges of cultural understanding through the arts. This much celebrated program is a great tool to advance our mission of Education and Outreach.

Started in 2011 by a cross-cultural coalition of businesses and nonprofit leaders, students and small business owners, the IARS includes a diverse group of women and men. We are passionate about sharing the rich cultural relevance of Islamic Art as a means of building awareness and exposure to the art itself and enhancing cross-cultural understanding among people from all walks of life.

What We Do

Through our workshops, exhibits, film screenings, and festivals we promote education in the arts of the Islamic world and encourage vibrant cross-cultural exchange amongst all ages, faiths and cultures. In doing so, we build cultural bridges between the Islamic cultures and rest of the world.

Some of the activities that the Islamic Art Revival Series have participated in include:

IARS is committed to the foundational value of inclusive diversity.  IARS honors the rich legacy of our past while embracing the changing demographics of our future.

Join us in this incredible journey of exploring Islamic art!