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Workshop with Farah Janjua

“Photography as an Expression: Finding Meaning in Ordinary People and Places” – Workshop with Farah Janjua
Saturday, April 6 from 2-4PM

FORMAT: In this workshop we will explore the basic of photography and what to keep in mind when shooting such as light, composition, patterns, textures, and more. Participants will be invited to look at their own surroundings and notice how everyday things have their own unique beauty and a life that breathes within them. Perceptions will be challenged in order to find ways to see the ordinary as extraordinary. Open to all skill levels. Workshop will include exploring the Keller Town Hall and Bear Creek Park as photographic practice.

Participants are encouraged to bring some of their favorite images for sharing and critiquing if they would like (optional).

TICKETS: HE19Workshops.eventbrite.com


About Farah Janjua
Farah Janjua, who is currently based in Dallas, USA and is originally from Pakistan, has been pursuing photography since 1992. The reality of nature’s landscapes, the varied emotions on the countenance of people and the intricate social and humanitarian issues in their lives are some of the things that inspire Farah towards this art. For Farah, photography is a means to explore the infinite possibilities in art to work for the betterment of humanity. It is a bridge to connect the diverse mindsets of a world divided by boundaries and it often serves as a looking glass that mirrors our thoughts.
Through her extensive traveling in her home country and in several countries around the world, Farah has been able to capture various enlightening images. She has daringly entered the remotest areas of Pakistan, stepped into Afghan and Kashmiri refugee camps and has rendered her services to many humanitarian organizations. She has to her credit publications in well-known international magazines and has had four solo exhibitions in the United States.