Art is the universal language.
We are passionate about Islamic art as a translator and connector across generations and cultures.
From heart to heart, through time.


IARS Season 2015

IARS - final

Sacred Geometry Workshops and Presentations with Memnosyne Institute

The Sacred Geometry Renaissance is a partnership initiative with the Memnosyne Institute to introduce the public to the concept across multiple disciplines and to offer the opportunity to experience first-hand the process of working with sacred geometry. Sacred Geometry provides a way in which to draw together new insights into the structure of reality with ancient wisdom and art so as to inspire new forms of artistic collaboration, offer new ways to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and renew the relationship between the humanities, the sciences, and mathematics.  Read more.

2015 Islamic Art Revival Series Experience

This interactive cultural experience will take place September 12, 2015 is from 12 noon to 5pm and is part of a 2 month-long series of events including the Sacred Geometry Renaissance and an international gallery exhibition in the Dallas Design District. The 2015 Islamic Art Revival Series Experience is designed to introduce people of all cultures and faiths to art from and inspired by the Islamic world.

4th Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art

In a celebration of Islamic art and its universal, cross-cultural appeal, a gallery show of contemporary Islamic artworks will be held September 26, 2015 – October 31, 2015 at LuminArté Gallery in the Dallas Design District and will include artworks by world renowned artists.

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